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Antimagnetic Watch

Watch should not be contacted or placed in a strong magnetic field. When in contact with a strong magnetic field such as contact with the engine, motor and other objects, or accidentally put the watch on the radio, television, audio, magnets, etc.. The watch was magnetized, not only travel time is not accurate, some even stop. Encounter this situation, you should to Tuo fillony (TOPHILL) service station for demagnetization, the watch back to normal.

Watch shock

The watch is a precision instrument, the impact vibration will be in daily life of the normal operation of the movement, but strenuous exercise or collision may be damaged beyond the tolerance range of the watch movement, so the strenuous exercise will be the best watch off, moreover usually should also avoid watch violent shock.


Pretoria fillony (TOPHILL) battery near normal life in more than two years, part of a watch battery can be used for more than five years, buy new watches since the occupation during the transportation and sales for a certain period of time, so we guarantee that all new purchases of Tuo fillony you watch battery can normally use for more than a year, when to buy watch less than a year on the battery is exhausted, can carry this manual to Pretoria fillony near the maintenance point free replacement battery service. Part of you watch fillony Tuo (TOPHILL) with power shortage and prompt function, when the watch every few seconds before the second jump, then the battery is about to run out and to replace the battery as soon as possible. When the battery is about to run out of time, please find the qualified personnel to replace the battery in time, so as to avoid the leakage of the electrolytic cell. The replacement of the old battery should be placed in the designated battery recycling site, to avoid environmental pollution, do not put in the child can touch the place, so as not to cause the accident. When the watch is discarded, please take out the battery and place it in the designated battery recycling place.


The normal operating temperature range of the watch is controlled at 5 DEG C ~35 DEG C, because the accuracy of the watch will be affected at different temperatures. Below -10 DEG C or higher than 50 DEG C will cause obvious effect on the watch, may not even go stopwatch, temperature higher than 50 DEG C will cause the battery leakage or shorten battery life. So please do not use the watch too long or too low temperature environment. Otherwise, it will cause time to slow or fast, stop walking or malfunction.


Long term storage does not wear mechanical watches, should be a spring on a monthly basis, so that parts do not remain in a static state for a long time, in order to ensure the operation performance of the core. Long-term storage does not wear the quartz watch, should go to the maintenance station to remove the battery to avoid battery leakage, damage or movement, Pakistan will pull into first gear or the second position (the second stop position), it can save power.